"In 1991, I sustained severe spinal injuries during a parachute accident.  I was lucky and "only" left with permanent nerve damage, chronic pain and ever more frequent periods of almost complete incapacitation.  I was taking over-the-counter pain relievers daily and heavy narcotic pain killers/muscle relaxants when "my back was out".  I couldn't live anything close to what I consider to be a normal life.  A year and a half ago I made the decision to try something beyond traditional medicine and turned to Gina for help.  In short, she has literally changed my life.  I am almost completely pain free now, my activity level increased tremendously, and periods of incapacitation - Gone!  Yes, I have occasional pain and muscle spasm, but Gina gets me back to normal almost immediately - usually with just one treatment.  Oh, by the way - I have a rather severe phobia - I do not like needles. Period!  Gina talked me through the procedure and set me at complete ease.  Does it hurt?  Not at all!  Does it work?  Yes!  Do you have an injury or pain?  Call Gina! 

Thanks, Gina, for returning me to a life I enjoy living!"

— Bill Ragsdale is a 21 year Army veteran and recorded 700 military and sports parachute jumps during his career.


Acupuncture involves the insertion of tiny hair like needles into specific locations and on the meridian specific to the condition being treated. A meridian is the pathway in which energy or qi flows through the body in the same way blood flows through our vessels and capillaries.  Acupuncture has been proven to stimulate the release of endorphins – the body’s natural pain killers.  It normally induces a deep state of relaxation which promotes balance and systemic healing.  Sometimes heat or electro stimulation is used to stimulate acupuncture needles and enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Electro-Acupressure is a modality that can be used to stimulate specific acu-points on the body without needles.  It is commonly used on the face to reduce the appearance of lines due to the aging process.  This technique can also be used on small children in place of the acupuncture needles.

Cupping is a technique that involves the use of suction to increase circulation in an affected area.  It is most commonly used to release tight, painful muscles. It can also be used to help resolve the common cold, to assist with asthma, to enhance system detoxification and to reduce fluid retention.

Tui Na is an ancient Chinese massage technique often used in conjunction with acupuncture to disperse pain or qi stagnation from the region being treated.

Nutritional Healing: The goal of nutritional healing is to assist individuals in making healthier choices for themselves. Optimal existence begins with nutritional healing, which means eating foods that are right for you. This may help correct certain patterns of imbalance in your body and help you to feel better overall. Choosing a healthy diet is an important method of preserving health and preventing disease. Most importantly, nutrition can help you regain your vitality and in turn help you enjoy life to the full extent.

Functional Exercise: This may be one or several exercises designed specifically for the individual depending on their imbalance. An imbalance can be a result of strong muscle groups overpowering the weak ones and creating a “tug of war”, resulting in pain. In looking at one’s posture, certain exercises may actually improve the alignment of the body, allowing your movement to be more efficient and in turn eliminating pain, especially in your neck and back. Achieving structural balance through functional exercise is attainable through routine stretching and muscle group isolation. Exercise is an essential part of a healthy, well balanced lifestyle.